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Some women just love cock and dogging milf Rachel is one of them, she was even featured in a Sunday paper for her dogging antics and that she’s let hundreds of men fuck and cum inside her, men she don’t even know – total strangers! She’s a plump woman, highly sexual, with thick thighs. At her dogging meets she always wears a tiny skirt, stockings and heels. The skirt of course can be hitched up for easy access to her pussy!

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Hi, My name is Debbie, I live in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire.  I’m blonde 5’5 like to dress sexy, love the feeling of silky smooth stockings and tights but like it better when a strong man rips them off because he wants me so bad 😉 Sorry about my pic, my best mate took it and she’s not to good with the camera, if you email me I can send you a pic of my face as well as some naked but I expect naked pics back! Cock included please!

I’m looking for an easy going guy or guys that have some experience in the dogging scene, it’s something I’ve fantasised about for a few years and would love to try it but just don’t know where or who with, I’ve met a few people for sex on the Bored Housewives & Naughty Milfs web site but never met them outdoors so thought I would try this dogging site for a change, it’s always been at my place or theirs.  By the way I’m also a mom and I have an advert in the Bedfordshire section of the  Naughty Milfs site with a different pic you can find me listed under Leighton Buzzard,  Bedfordshire! Please don’t be shy guys I don’t bite. Would like to just talk and swap pics first though until we get to know each other. Thanks for reading, luv yas xx


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There are a lot of things that women like and fucking is one of them. A lot of women are sexually satisfied doing different things and sometimes that satisfaction can go away. These women want to do things to bring the spark back into their sex lives. Dogging is one of the ways these housewives do that. They like to go to different locations and have sex or just watch strangers have sex.

Dogging is something that is taboo in most societies and that’s what makes it so exciting for them. They love that they can go to these different locations and meet others that find them wildly exciting and fuck them. They also like that they can take their husbands with them. Dogging allows them to be as extreme as they want to be and not be judged. Those that don’t want to fuck anyone there don’t have to. Those that want to fuck until they can’t walk back to their car can do that as well. As long as the women that go dogging are happy to do so, they can join any of the groups of fucking they see. It’s all about fun and pleasure and that is what makes housewives go dogging.

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Hi Everyone, my name is Sally and I’m a voluptuous mature lady from Luton, I’m also very married andlove myhusband very much. My Partner and I are looking for men who like meeting ladies for fun and don’t mind been watched. I’m very luck because myhusband lets me have lady fun with as many men as I like as long as he gets to watch. He will not say anything during our time together, in fact you won’t even see him as he will be behind a curtain. If you wwould like to see more pics of me then just send me a message and I can send you some. My husband likes me to wear stockings and sexy underwear and wants to see me enjoy myself.

I love massage and just love to be touched all over.. We have met other men before for mutual masterbation and touching. I also love to have fun in the back of the car whilst hubby is driving, so long as it is in a secluded area.

The Shefford carpark slut needs a ride

I’m blonde and 42 years old and I feel like I’ve just hit my sexual peak. I do love a  trip to the seaside then a ride to the carpark on the way home 😉  I also luv men who are in the military. I Have had three men in the same regiment in one day. I don’t have many demands but you must be good at giving me lots of pleasure, I like to be felt, rubbed, kissed and licked!

I live in Shefford in Bedfordshire and I’m beautiful busty and always up for it!! I also spend part of the week in Edinburgh working and love meeting men for casual sex especially on thelong train home. If you enjoy sex in public, daring place then I’m the girl for you. I’m not married and neverwant to be. I like to be shared around and I hope it stays that way!

Laurel Jane gives the best wank this side of the country

I’m very experimental and adventurous young slut from Avon in Bedfordshire, and I am willing to try out just about anything as long as there’s a limit to the pain. As far as appearance goes… well… I’m a woman and that’s probably all you need to know, people tell that I don’t need to use dating sites but I like them because I don’t want my friends knowing exactly what I get up to. I don’t want them knowing that I like meeting men in seedy car parks in Bedfordshire so I can suck them off and give them wank jobs.

I just love sex and have done ever since I was 18, I have a fanny, tits and a mouth as long as Dartford Tunnel and I just love the feeling of a throbbing prick in each of my hands.

At the end of the day we’re all on here for a good romp – and I’m no different. So come on, cut to the chase and become my fuck buddy. In fact, I’ve been told I give the best wank this side of the continent. Come on cutie, come onto me.

Kath from Stevenage, Hertfordshire wants to meet for NSA sex

I’m a housewife and mom somepeople call me a milf and I’m looking to meet some V.W.E. guys for nsa sex at my pleasure. I’m not looking for anything regular, but just a bit of naughty adult fun. As you can see from my pic, i have big boobs and I lovethem to be felt while taken from behind, they’re my best asset though I’m told my pussy has a sweet aroma, so if you dont like your women with meat on them, then i am not for you.

 I’m not into anything kinky lke WS or CP. You should be VWE with at least 6″ where it counts and preferably thick as well, and you should also have some experience at this, especially meeting outside for sex as I love to go dogging when I’m in slut mode. It goes without saying that safe sex is a must! Thanks for taking the time to read our add.

Fun sexy and Fit looking for fun

Fun sexy and Fit looking dogging slut for fun anywhere, anytime in Gloucestershire. I’m from Bristol and I’m so bored right now, I just want to meet a guy and let him inside me withno strings attached!!! Maybe a new regular fuck buddy that will cum in me when ever I feel the desire please apply with cv please, I need stuffing so bad!!

I’m very opened minded, honest and don’t like to play head games, well maybe a little head but I always like men inside me, I do like the taste of a hard cock mind. I can be a little shy from time to time, but once my knickers are off then I’m nothing but a slut, I love to laugh and make people laugh. Also I’am very blunt I speak what’s on my mind when it’s there and love sex:) it’s GREAT!!!! Always wiling to learn new things, new places and I just love dogging!

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